Business Office Automotive Inventory Clerk

Sacramento, CA

Job-Specific Expectations

  • Process Wholesales deals. Completes all Wholesales paperwork and accounting.
  • Communicate directly with outside wholesales vendors.
  • Process all outside vehicle purchases.
  • Stocks in vehicles and maintain stock books.
  • Reconcile inventory for End Of Month.
  • Cover for Receptionist of Cashier as needed.
  • Assist with DMV refunds or invoices for differences in fees.
  • Assist with miscellaneous office duties
  • Daily attendance is essential/
  • Maintains professional appearance.
  • Monitor accuracy levels as directed by the inventory control manager.
  • Maintain current and precise inventory records.
  • Considering organizational philosophy and inventory cycles, help provide for sufficient inventory of products and material’s
  • Assist the Inventory Manager in balancing the inventory between carrying cost and service, sales, and parts and accessories demands.