Technician - MINI

Sacramento, CA

Job-Specific Expectations

  • Make 100 % productivity the goal and keep as close to that as possible.
  • Use factory specifications as the standard in all repair, service, and customization work.
  • Provide excellent customer service for all customers whether external and internal, specifically offering dependable vehicle service.
  • Receive service assignments from the service writer or service manager.
  • Have the repair work finished within the allotted time. Set goals, develop skills and constantly increase efficiency skill level.
  • Submit your request parts as soon as it is determined what is required for a particular job.
  • Keep the service writer or service manager informed of any supplemental work that may be required or of any delays to estimated completion time as you make those determinations so the customer can receive up to date information.
  • Aid service writer as needed to write work orders, conduct test rides, interact with the customer, or in any other way you are able to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain a clean, efficient work area and assist in keeping the shop neat and organized.
  • Make sure the proper paperwork is completed and filed after every job completion.
  • Keep your technical qualifications current by finishing any required training programs.
  • Take care that the vehicle is cleaner when the job is completed than when the customer dropped it off.
  • Make each job thorough and complete to reduce return repairs. If the vehicle should be returned for additional work complete it quickly, correctly and cheerfully.